Cultural Knowledge

Our extensive experience in applying Cultural Knowledge [Matauranga Maori]Footage courtesy of within the work we do, and within the Hunts and Tours we offer,  sets Basic Instincts Aotearoa apart from its competitors.

The intimate relationships we have developed with the Forest, the Land, the Rivers and the Sea, spanning many generations, defines who we are and what we offer to our guests.


Garry Watson, the Managing Director of the Company, is of Tainui / Tuhoe descent.  He has spent a life time living and working in the Ngahere [Forests] of the central North Island, living by indigenous principles and practice.


In recent years Garry has focused on training the Youth of this region, and in sharing his knowledge and experience with [selected] guests and visitors.  His passion is the transfer of traditonal knowledge within the Natural Living World, from one generation to the next.


His Ngahere Toa [Warriors of the Forests] programme has trained countless young people in the region over the past 5 years.  This experience is now available to guests and visitors to the area, within the Cultural / Ecological Tours the Company runs.

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