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Basic Instincts Aotearoa offers clients the best Hunting and Fishing experiences available in this region. Our reputation is built on the service we provide.

Traditionally this is termed “manaakitanga” – it is a philosophy of nurturing, catering for our guests, our visitors.
Basic Instincts Aotearoa offers a range of Hunting and Fishing packages.

Our reputation is measured by your satisfaction.

Come join the family.



Basic Instincts Aotearoa caters for individuals, families and small groups, no matter Footage courtesy of www,basicinstincts.co.nzwhat your preference with our Head Quarters in Rotorua, and hunting “hot spots” across the Central North Island and East Cape regions,

Basic Instincts Aotearoa will tailor-make a package to suit your budget, time frame, skill level and specific requirements.

Single species hunts as well as combination hunts are available. You can shoot a Red Deer, catch a Pig and Fish – all in one location.  

From a One day hunt in the Mamaku ranges to a weeks hunting in the wilderness of the Motu, we can drive you or fly you to the best spots in the region. 

We pride ourselves on our hospitality to international guests and can arrange Chinese, Japanese, Russian and German speaking interpreters on request.

Garry M Watson – Managing Director / Hunting

Tena koe [Greetings],  welcome to Basic Instincts Aotearoa.

For more than 35 years I have lived and worked in the ngahere, the native forests of this region.  Beginning in the early 1970’s, I was employed by the NZ Forest Service as a Culler, moving from there into deer recovery in the early days of helicopter hunting in the Motu / East Cape region.  In later years I established an Ecological Research Centre in the Bay of Plenty and expanded that operation to include outdoor pursuits and hunting training for the youth of our region.

Having noted the need for top quality affordable Hunting & Fishing excursions in the Bay of Plenty, and having noted that few www.basicinstincts.co.nz - Basic Instincts - Hunting and Fishingguests who enjoy such activities here have a chance to experience a cultural perspective within the bush, my family and I formed Basic Instincts Aotearoa.

Our Company is dedicated to sharing the bush experience we have and cultural practices we have been taught by our elders.   Engaging with our guests in these pursuits is to us like extending our family. Join us in exploring some of the most breathtaking scenic locations and hunting spots in this region.

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