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Q/ How long does a Rotorua Hunt take?Footage courtesy of

A/ The main hunting blocks are local and we can do hunts in a half day if required.


Q/  Are there discounts for more than one person?

A/ Yes, and we also do a child rate for kids under 16yrs.


Q/  What gear do I need to bring?

A/ Good boots or shoes, warm socks, a rain coat, warm bush clothes and a warm hat [even in summer warm gear is needed, as it may rain on location].  Dry clothes to change into after the hunt.


Q/ Do I need food?

A/ For local hunts we supply a BBQ lunch, but for other hunts we work in with the guests to arrange meals – we always take lunch on the hunt however.


Q/  Can accommodation be arranged for us?

A/ Yes,  we are happy to arrange that if you let us know your preference and your budget.  Some of our packages include the costs of accomodation during the hunt in the purchase price.

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Q/ Do you do over night camps in the Bush?

A/ Yes, we can arrange that using huts or “fly camps” [tent camps], especially in remote areas that are “off the beaten track”


Q/ What other hunt locations do you have?

A/ We have good hunting spots in the East Cape, in Taumarunui, and in the Gisborne areas.


Q/  Do you do salt water fishing?

A/ Yes,  we have charter boat options in the BOP and East Cape areas, half day and whole day – as well as Big Game fishing in season.


Q/  What seasons are the best for hunting? 

A/ Deer are most active in the spring and early summer, but can be hunted all year. In winter they slow down their movements in the bush, so good local knowledge is essential. 

Pigs are best hunted in the wetter periods – they come out into open country in the rain,  but again, they can be hunted any time of the year.


Q/  What is the most cost effective Hunt you offer?

A/ If you are able to freedom hunt [you have reasonable skills] we can drop you off at the road end and put you on the local “hot spots” for as little as $375.00.  We will pick you up at a preset time and place after the hunt.


Q/ What safety equipment do you carry? 

A/ Footage courtesy of have a full range of safety gear on hand.  For freedom hunters, if they wish, we can supply them with a GPS, Topo Maps, an EPIRB, and a feild RT radio that has a range of up to 15km.  RT contact is kept with all our hunters and guides.


Q/  Do you provide non hunter experiences?

A/ Yes,  we run Cultural / Eco Tours for non hunters, for groups of 6 people.  However – if you would like us to guide you individually, we would be happy to do so.  These Tours give you a rare insight into the traditional knowledge and practices used by our People in the Ngahere [Forest].


Q  Can you arrange hunting / fishing packages that are tailored to meet specific needs [hunting a deer, a pig and catching fish all in one trip?]

A/ Yes,  we specialise in Custom Hunts,  just call us or email us and we will work with you on the package.


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